How Green Card Organization Can Help You To Get US Citizenship?

green card organization

There are endless people who desire to become permanent residents of the USA. When you have a work visa, there is a nagging tension at the back of the mind regarding what would happen if your visa isn’t renewed. There are several people who had to leave their well-settled jobs and move back to their country just because their visa failed to be renewed. In such cases, if you have a green card and thereby the permanent citizenship of the country, you can live a stress-free life and rest assured that you can stay as long in the country as you desire.

So, if you too desire to get US citizenship, it is important to know the ins and outs of the process of getting the green card. There is a green card organization which would be willing to help you out and in this article; we will outline the whole process for you thereby giving you a better chance of getting a green card.

Not just for job prospects, there are several benefits of staying in the USA. There are so many people that desire to have the citizenship of the United States of America. From having a great lifestyle to being a country with several prospects and being hailed as one of the most powerful countries of the world, there are so many things which hail the USA as one of the top nations in the world.

So, no matter what your reasons are; if you have made your mind to stay in the USA, let us get down to the details of getting a green card and how green card organization can be of your help.


What is a green card?

green card organizationIt is mainly a lawful way by which a non-US citizen gets the right to reside permanently in the United States of America. After three to five years of obtaining the green card, they may even be eligible to seek US citizenship and this, in turn, has endless benefits to reap.

Every year, the government of the USA issues innumerable green cards to several people. The division is done on several categories and there are priority orders assigned as well. The foremost preferred category is family members of the current US citizens but there are several other categories too.

In this guide, we are going to shed light on each of the aspects as this will help you improve your chances of getting the green card.


What does a green card do?

If you are wondering as to what privileges green card will entitle you to, here is a consolidated overview of some of the possible benefits which you can enjoy.

Having a green card means that you would have the official immigration status in the USA. For most of the jobs in this country, you will need to have the official immigration status or else it could thwart your chances of getting the job.

Enhances your chances of getting US citizenship

Everyone who applies for a green card would ultimately desire to have US citizenship. This is why by getting a green card; you come closer to getting the citizenship. Mostly it is seen that those who have the green card qualify for the citizenship 3 or 5 years after that. Of course, it all depends upon the country you are from originally and other influencing factors.

Entitles you to several lights and responsibilities

While you do not become a US citizen, but having a green card gives you several rights and responsibilities. It is by far one of the best ways to ensure that your job is likely to be safeguarded and the odds of being suddenly sent back to your country and losing the job cuts down drastically.

So, by opting to get a green card, you are definitely going to enjoy the right perks which can make a difference for sure.

Now that we know the perks, the next thing we need to do is check out the steps of how green card organization can help you do so. The process can be really long and the documents required might be a long list. This is why too many people choose to seek the help of the right green card organization who work in this field. Having the right professional assistance will prepare you better in getting the green card.


Eligibility check

green card organizationWhen you are applying for a green card, there are several eligibility checks in place. Based on the category you are applying for, you need to make sure that you are meeting the eligibility criteria. Let us discuss the eligibility criteria for the different categories under which you can apply for the green card.

While doing this, we will also be able to talk about the different categories which are present for the sake of applying for a green card. When you are familiar with these details, you would know the category you belong to and whether or not you are eligible to apply for the green card and subsequently get free US citizenship as well.

Green card through family

In this category, immediate family members of the current US citizen are allowed to apply. This is usually the most preferred category and a lot of people manage to get green cards by falling in this category.

You need to suffice at least one of the below eligibility criteria:

  • You should be a spouse of a current citizen of the USA
  • You are an unmarried child of US citizens and you are less than 21 years of age
  • You are the parents of a US citizen who has a minimum age of 21 years

In this category itself, there is a second reference slot as well which is for relatives other than spouses and parents, children of US citizens. If you are the family member of a US citizen, you need to suffice any of the following criteria:

  • You need to be an unmarried child of a US citizen and you need to be either 21 years or older
  • You are a married child of a US citizen
  • You are a sibling of a US citizen and at least 21 years of age

There are a lot of other sub-rules and criteria as well for fiancé, widows and even those who have faced abuse at the hands of their spouse. Make sure to check out the fine details if you feel you are going to fall in any of such sub-categories.

Green card through employment

This is the second category which you can apply for a green card. There are so many people who want to seek employment in the USA as some of the top MNCs is located here.

Basically, this category can be sub-divided into three further parts namely:

  • Immigrant workers
  • Physician national interest waiver
  • Immigrant investors

Let us see the details for each of them.

Immigrant worker

The immigrant worker is the broadest category and covers several types of preferences in it.

Those who have the best chance in the category are the first preference immigrant worker and they must meet one of the below criteria.

  • Possesses extraordinary skills in fields like science, arts, education, athletics or business
  • The applicant is a multinational manager who has some special skills and meets a specific set of criteria
  • The applicant is an outstanding researcher or a professor who is likely to make a significant contribution

Such people with special skills usually have minimal wait time and are given green card almost immediately.

The second preference immigrant worker need to fall in either of the below criteria

  • You are a part of a profession which needs a skilled or even an advanced degree
  • You are looking for national interest waiver
  • You are known to have a remarkable talent in arts, business or science

Now coming to the third preference subcategory, you will need to meet one of the following criteria

  • You should be skilled workers with a minimum of 2 years of working experience
  • You can be an unskilled worker and the job offered too would require unskilled labor. You may have less than a couple of years of experience
  • You are a professional which infers that your job needs too to have an equivalent US bachelor’s degree

Physician national interest waiver

green card organizationThose applicants who are a physician and agree to work full time in a certain clinical practice or in a specific area for a set and pre-decided interval of time fall in this category and are eligible for a green card

Immigrant investor

In this category, the applicants should have either invested or are en route to investing an amount close to 1 million dollars in a new business enterprise in the USA. This, in turn, should create employment opportunities for at least 10 people.

One can see how broad the employment category truly is and there are a lot of people who manage to get green cards and eventually settle in the country.

Apart from this, there are also specific categories like

  • Special immigrants
  • Refugees
  • Asylee status applicants
  • Victims of human trafficking
  • Victims of abuse
  • Registry cases
  • Sundries

So, the US government definitely has a lot of work at hand as every year endless people fill in the application with the hope of getting the green card. These days, green card visa lottery is also held. It randomly picks up the names from the pool of eligible applicants.

As you can see that the number of applications is always much more than permissible numbers, this is why it is important that you show no negligence or complacency in this field and make sure that you are doing all the paperwork meticulously.


The role of green card organization

The green card organization mainly aims at understanding the key details of the applicants and guiding them through the whole process. They will make sure to check that all the documents have been duly checked and verified. They do all they can to give their applicants the best chance of getting a green card.

A lot of people who are either not clear with the formalities and even the ones who are otherwise too crammed with time to take care of these details end up choosing green card organization.

By choosing such professional companies, you can focus on your work and rest assured that these companies will make sure to align all the details and prepare your application in a meticulous manner.

So, if you too have future plans to eventually settle in the USA, we totally recommend finding the best green card companies. Remember, getting a green card is likely the key to success. Of course, you need to find a job based on your merit, but having a green card would end the annual hassles of wondering whether or not you will be able to stay in the country for more years.

Another important thing to note is that you should be wary of the details beforehand. Do not try to hoodwink the process as the penalty may be more than what you can bear. This is why choosing professionals to give you a head start into how to get things done might be a much better choice.

Often the process is so long that some people tend to forget to keep track of their status. The green card companies simplify the whole process. Ideally, the process is much simpler and automated these days but knowing that there is someone to keep an eye on the specifics will simplify things a great deal.

The first thing you need to do when applying for a green card with the aim to get a US citizenship eventually is to understand the category in which you need to apply. For those in the employment category, the vote of confidence from your boss plays a critical role. So, remember not to rub him on the wrong side as this could definitely weaken your chance.

All the best!