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Greencardorganization is an organization with an aim to simplify the entire green card application process for you – this includes both before and after the green card application. After your green card application has been forwarded, we help you ensure that you receive all the information and notifications which are to follow. We also prepare you for how to respond to them.

After forwarding your green card application to the USCIS, the following will take place:

  1. You will receive a notification stating your application has been received

The first notification to be expected after your application for a green card has been sent is a notification stating that your application has been received. This notification shows that your application is has been properly delivered and is being reviewed. If you do not receive this notification, it could mean that your application was not delivered. Greencardorganization can help you carry out the necessary steps if you do not receive a receipt showing that your application has been received within a certain number of weeks.

  1. Notice for your biometrics date will be sent

After you get a confirmation that your application has been received, the next notice you will receive would one stating the day of your biometrics. Biometrics is necessary during this process as a means of identification. We at Greencardorganization will brief you days before your biometrics on all that concerns the biometrics. This can help clear out any confusions and ensure you are set for the biometrics.

  1. Notice for your interview date

After the biometrics, the next notice which will be sent to you is one containing the date of your interview. We at Greencardorganization, the moment a notification for your interview date arrives, will begin to prepare you for your interview with the immigration officers. We will brief you on questions the immigration officers will ask you and the best ways to answer. You will also get all the necessary guides to help you ensure that the interview is a success.

  1. A letter of decision

After the interview, the following information you will receive from the USCIS is a letter of decision. This is the letter which will let you know whether you’ve been issued a green card or not. Contact Greencardorganization to provide you with proper guidance to boost your chances of getting a green card.








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April 29, 2019

I want to thank the company greencardorganization
thank you, my dream came true and I won the green card !!!
Thanks for your patience and all that you have done for me!


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