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Diversity Visa Lottery Program

Living out the great American dream is not possible without having proper documentation, which is why people from all over the world sign up to get a visa to the US. Among the different visa lottery programs, there is the diversity visa lottery program that allows residents in certain countries to get to the top of the list of American visa registration. If you are thinking about moving to the US temporarily or permanently, this is what you need to know about the program, and how to increase your chances of getting a visa.


US Permanent Resident card

A US permanent resident card is different from citizenship and as a PR, you have to chances to do certain things, like stay in the US indefinitely, but you also have a number of restrictions as well.

A US  permanent resident staying lawfully is a person granted the right and ability to stay in the United States forever. A person with a permanent resident is given a green card. This is basically a photo identification card, stating he is a permanent resident.


Getting to Know About the US Visa Lottery

The US Visa Lottery also knew as the Green Card Lottery is an annual government visa program that makes exactly 55,000 people from underrepresented and underdeveloped countries in the world obtain Permanent residency cards to work and live in the US. The lottery program is available to every individual around the world who are eligible and meet the required standard for application. They make Permanent Resident Cards available to the 55,000 winners of the US Visa lottery.

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Adjustment of status vs consular processing – Greencardorganization brings you the pros and cons

There is no doubt that getting a green card is a very delicate process. While this is true, there are various variants or routes to getting one. This can prove to be quite confusing. This is especially the case when it involves choosing between the adjustment of a process and consular process. Greencardorganization has provided some of the main differences and when each process should be taken.


Greencardorganization Best Ways to Succeed at the Embassy Interview

The US embassy interview is one of the most important points in your visa application. Here you’ll be asked sensitive questions to determine if you are worthy of a chance to reside in the United States. Questions are asked from different categories all in a bid to profile you, and Greencardorganization is here to enlighten you and given you the best coaching service to ensure your success through the whole process. All you have to do is simply contact us today.

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Greencardorganization Post | Green Card Application Assistance

Greencardorganization is an organization with an aim to simplify the entire green card application process for you – this includes both before and after the green card application. After your green card application has been forwarded, we help you ensure that you receive all the information and notifications which are to follow. We also prepare you for how to respond to them.

After forwarding your green card application to the USCIS, the following will take place:


How to Apply for my Green Card

Want To Immigrate To The United States?
This Is The Way:
Most of the people in the developing and underdeveloped countries keep watching out for an opening to enter into one of the most developed countries. Many have been waiting year after year to apply for green cards or to somehow win in American visa lottery application to gain their permission to the United States Citizenship.


How to Apply for Your Green Card

how to apply for your green card
A green card, or Permanent Resident Card, permits you to permanently live and work in the U.S. The exact steps you take depends on your situation. However, there are common things everyone needs to do to receive a green card.

Before applying for a green card, you must determine if you are eligible. Eligibility requirements will depend on what category you fit. The categories are:


Green Card Organization Tips on How to Scale Your Embassy Interview

If you’re looking to achieve your dream of living in the United States, you need to understand that you are not alone. Of course, the United States is attractive to people of all walks of life because it is very rich in opportunities. This is one of the reasons why the embassy interview process is structured in a rigorous manner, and this creates uncertainties in the minds of many persons. Green Card Organization specializes in providing tips, as well as, guidelines that will help you to scale your embassy interview so that you can bring your dreams into reality and book that flight into the United States.


How to get a Green Card to live in America

The Green Card Process – Eligibility, Lottery, and Application
This post will guide you on how to get a Green Card to live in America including the conditions for eligibility and how to apply and obtain the Green Card.

Before starting, it is important to define what is American Green Card: Officially known as the Permanent Resident Card, the Green Card enables an individual to permanently live and work in the US.