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Green Card Permanent Resident

3 Ways Of Obtaining Green Card Permanent Resident

The green card permanent resident status is one of the best things for immigrants after citizenship, it involves a lot of bureaucracy and long waits. Anybody who possesses the Green card permanent resident a.k.a. the alien registration card can live in the USA indefinitely, work, enlist in the armed forces or even start a business. The only thing that is not covered by the Green card is that you can neither vote or be voted for, you cannot receive government benefits and you can be deported if need be, but once you obtain your green card, you can apply for citizenship after 5 years.

Family Affair

This is one of the easiest ways to obtain the green card permanent resident status, the relative of yours must be a U.S citizen or a lawful permanent resident, you have to provide proof that you both are related and there must be proof that the relative can support you above the poverty line at 125%.

U.S. citizens may sponsor spouses or married or unmarried children. Foreign siblings and parents may be sponsored by an American citizen who is 21 or older. Permanent residents may sponsor a spouse or unmarried children. Sponsors should file an I-130, Petition for Alien Relative along with an Affidavit of Support.

After filing, you have to wait until an immigrant visa number is available to you when it is, you are expected to apply for it to be assigned to you, and the immigrant visa number is what you will use to apply for permanent resident status. If you are outside the USA when the visa number becomes available, go to the nearest U.S. consulate to complete the paperwork.

Green Card through a Job

An employer can sponsor the employee to get a green card if the employee possesses some special skills that are going to be beneficial to the USA, it is easy for people like Physicians, scientists, artists, professors, and executives of multinational companies to get the green card permanent resident approval through this means of getting the green card.

green card organizationIf your job description does not fit as a sort after a profession in the USA then you have to obtain labor certification before applying for the green card. This certification means that the department of labor has officially declared that there are no qualified Americans available to fill in the job position and that if you are hired, the wages of workers in the similar jobs will not be affected adversely. You can request certification by filing an application with the local state employment agency.

If a labor certification is approved, your employer then applies for a green card classification on your behalf. You can start working immediately the petition is approved by applying for interim travel and work authorization.

Diversity Visa Immigration

There may be more than 5 million names in the pot for the computer to choose from, but you can trust in your stars to win the green card in the US green card lottery which avails 50,000 eligible people from eligible countries to receive the US green card out of the millions of applicants. This program is designed to give countries that do not send a lot of immigrants to the USA the chance to send citizens that will become lawful U.S. residents.

Once you get your Green card permanent resident approved, carry it along with you anywhere you go for easy identification purposes, even though the permanent resident status is for life, the green card is meant to be renewed every decade before the expiry date.


American Green Card Application

If there is anything people look forward to every year, then it is the American Green Card application, a program set up by the Immigrant Visa Program, to help people fulfill their dreams of becoming permanent residents of the United States of America, and getting access to all the benefits that come with being Americans, including good jobs, access to healthcare, and so many other benefits. This is why year in year out, people keep giving the program a try because the winners get to enjoy so many benefits. We cannot overemphasize how unique this lottery program is, because it is one of a kind and one that sees about 55,000 winners at the end of the program.


Green Card Citizenship Requirement

Applying for a green card is now common among new immigrants. Before enrolling for green card citizenship, it is important to be attuned with the Green Card Citizenship Requirement so as to make it easy for you while applying. We live in a technological age where things are being simplified online. Due to work and other challenges you may not be able to know most of these requirements. If you fall under this category you don’t need to worry as we are here to brief you about the requirement


How to check the Green Card status

If you are interested in checking the current status of your green card, then this means that you already know the usefulness of the green card or as it is formally known, the Permanent Resident Card. This card is simply a permit issued to a foreign immigrant by the government of the United States of America allowing the foreign immigrant to reside as a legal resident of the US permanently.  As a permanent resident, you are qualified to seek employment opportunities and live in the United States. The most important benefit of acquiring a green card is that after a certain period of time, based on your conduct and other criteria, you would be eligible to apply to become a citizen (naturalization).


Why green card through investment is the best U.S. immigration plan for a foreign investor.

There are many ways people try to get into a country today.  They hope that eventually, they could be part of the country and possibly be a citizen. There are many options available. Some try the student visa, the diplomat visa, the work visa and many more. But among them, all green card through investment seems to be the best when we talk of the immigration plan. This guide will help us see why and how we can make use of the green card through investment idea.


Green Card Lottery Deadline

When is the green card lottery deadline?

Before you can be part of any green card lottery, you must be sure that you have been deemed qualified for it. To be qualified, you would need to present an application which has been duly completed. You would also need to produce a photo of how you currently look. It is important to note that this photo must be in accordance with all the instructions which has been by given the USCIS. Most times, you would also be requested to submit a photo that shows yourself and all your family members. The question then that would probably be on your mind is “when is the green card lottery deadline?”

border protection

What’s a Green Card?- A comprehensive guide

If you are interested in leaving your country for the US to live and work on a permanent basis, you would need to have a green card. What’s a green card? You might wonder. There are a number of people who battle it out to be awarded a green card in order for them to fulfill their long-held dream. If you are interested in making the move now or sometime in the future, you would surely be interested in the question of what’s a green card? Let us see if we can answer that question


Green Card Lottery Form

Green card lottery is a creation of the United States government which is aimed at diversifying the population of America. In the view of trying to achieve this, the US sends 50,000 green cards to countries which have low immigration to the United States. This is done by a random selection among individuals who are from these countries.

To take part in the green card lottery, you must behave a working experience requirement, or attain a certain level of education.


What’s a green card?

Residing in the US legally allows residents to have the rights that are given to Americans. To be eligible for rights in America, one must have a green card that has been issued in a legal manner. Many people confuse a green card with a visa, and to set things straight, here is all the important information you need to know about the American green card.


Your Green Card with Greencardorganization

How to successfully complete your Green Card application with Greencardorganization?

Completing a green card application requires a lot of time, effort, diligence, patience, concentration and ability to supply all authenticated information and documents. With up to 18-20 pages and 13 sections to be filled, completing a green card can sometimes become tiring along the line. But you don’t have to worry anymore, greencardorganization is available to make your green card error-free and have a successful completion. We make your application faster, easier and correct until your goal is achieved.