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The US visa lottery which is also known as the green card lottery is a program which takes place annually by the government. This programme gives a chance to about 55,000 Peoples from underdeveloped countries to be able to obtain a permanent residency card and be able to work as well as live in the United States of America. This program is usually available to all individuals around the world once they meet a certain standard for an application and the US keeps aside 55,000 visas for winners of this lottery.

This visa lottery is thought to be one of the best ever immigration systems from all over the world as well as being very thoughtful and generous to people who didn’t have a chance to apply for a green card in the first place. This visa gives 55,000 people a chance of employment and resident who couldn’t afford to do it or go through the normal application procedures.

However this visa lottery isn’t available in all countries and to check, you can found out by visiting an embassy around you to know just if it is available in your country and if you are eligible to apply. The application is usually don’t online and you must read instructions carefully before applying.

This lottery gives individuals an opportunity to get a better job and a better living condition in the United States as they aren’t getting that probably due to the situation of their country. The winners are usually assured of a better living standard than their last and given items to help them with their day to day lives and activities.

The United States of America isn’t the only country which conducts a visa lottery but most aren’t exactly as generous and understanding of as the United States and do not collect a lot of people yearly.

Your work experience may play a factor but it doesn’t always have a huge role if you win the lottery. And once you win the lottery, you don’t have an automatic entrance and green card into the US, it just makes your application process for a visa a lot faster.

About us

The US visa lottery is considered a great way of entering the United States and if you can’t go in through the normal visa application process, then you can opt for this. We give you all the information you need to know about this lottery, how to apply and what to do next once you have won the lottery. It isn’t so difficult to apply as we give you this information and many more.


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