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Green Card Organization offers factors to consider when going for a green card interview

Regardless of the category which you are in, nothing scares a potential green card holder more than the interview. This interview would most times be held in consulates or embassies around the world. If the person is already in the United States, it would be held in the USCIS. You might be concerned about making a costly error which would end up ruining everything. Green Card Organization understands how challenging the interviewing process can be. Here are some factors which you should always consider when going for a green card interview;

The route

While the green card is always going to be the green card, there are so many routes to get there. Some people find joy going through family while others go through the job category. The questions which you would expect at the interview would be linked with the particular category of green card. Thus, if you are going for a marriage green card, you should expect questions based on your marriage. Therefore, preparing for it accordingly would help you in the long run.

Dressing and Grooming

You would also have to consider what you would wear to the interview. The guideline for what to wear to an interview should be based on what you wear for a job interview. Thus, you should always go for formal clothes instead of casual clothes. Formal clothes would make you look responsible and neat. Your aim would be to impress the USCIS. Wearing modest clothes would achieve that perfectly. Green Card Organization offers expert advice on the various types of dresses you could wear for a green card interview. Our experts would also be willing to help


Another factor you would have to consider is how to effectively answer the questions which are thrown at you. Most people make the habit of answering what they were never asked. This could put you into serious trouble as you would be revealing information that is unnecessary. You should make sure that you do not contradict yourself when talking. Any contradiction would create doubt in the minds of the USCIS officer. Green Card Organization provides information about the questions you can expect in green card interviews and how you can answer them.

Other services which Green Card Organization offers would include helping to file applications, consultancy help and so much more. We always ready to satisfy your every need.